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AV Video Morpher 3.0


Platforms:Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Software bundle:No
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"It can be a interesting movie player which offers many effects to apply on your movies.
AV Movie Morpher' it's another movie software but it tends to be more than that. It can be a interesting movie player which offers many effects to apply on your movies. It can also help you modify your DVD movie by cropping and trimming it in the 'Converter' area..."
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This all-in-one home movie editor completes your home entertainment center and inspires you to create your own movies, dub your own voices and burn your own DVDs. You can watch, morph, burn, convert, and capture movies for your own home entertainment or for uploading; you can also use the same capabilities to produce videos and presentations for business purposes.


  FEATURES Remarks  

Movie Player with Multi-format Playback
Plays movies in AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, ASF, M2V, MP2, M2P, MOV, RAM, RM, DAT format. This allows you to watch almost any video in any format.


Easy Audio Capturer
Allows you to capture any audio output and save it under MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, AIF, NIST, or OGG formats. It's a great tool for adding to your music collection


Movie Voice Dubber
A powerful and useful tool that helps you to record your voice and then alter it, so you can dub your altered voices into movies. Create entirely new movies with your new, creative dialog. Only in Video Morpher!


DVD Converter
can convert a whole video, or selected video areas, to a new movie and save it in AVI or WMV format. You will quickly expand your video clip collection with this tool.


Video Clip Marker
helps you bookmark and/or save your favorite scenes from movies or music moments with original quality. From now on you can find your favorite scenes and songs in no time.

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  BENEFITS Remarks  

Produce Your Own Movies by dubbing your own voices into movies, adding effects, and then burning it all to a DVD, and you’ve easily created your own movie DVDs.


Remove Voice from Movies. You can remove the original voices from any movie or clip, and dub in your own voices late


Make any Actor Become an Alien, Ghost, Priest, etc. Add audio effects to change the voice of any actor. Now you have more unique actors in all your own movies.


Make Cartoons, Movies, TV shows, etc. Capture any frame, clip, or entire movie your want, and then add in voices and effects to enhance and enlarge your collection. It’s a great tool for enriching your collection of videos and clips.


Make a Documentary Movie. You can produce professional quality, black and white video for that perfect documentary effect. Your historic presentations will be more lively and compelling.

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