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Editor Review

CNET 4 stars vote for AV Voice Changer Software

Review by CNET

"AV Voice Changer Software is unique, making it worth a download....

This outstanding tool helps you change your voice. AV Voice Changer Software lets you greet people entering your Web site or narrate an online presentation in whatever voice you choose..." - . Rating: 4
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User comment

Testimonial User Robert Brown Voiceover Professional
Whenever I reflected about my idol Mel Blanc's famous voice characterizations I found myself
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Video Morpher 3.0 full benefit list


These benefits come from the features that are available in two editions: AV Video Morpher 3.0 and AV DVD Player Morpher 3.0 (freeware).

Benefits marked with Video Morpher is available in Video Morpher only.

Benefits without remark are available in both editions.

  Benefits Remarks  

Turns your PC into a movie theater.
It can play any video DVD/VCD or any video file, in almost any format, and supports Dolby Digital sound. A true home theater of your own.


Improves the quality of your DVDs.
Enhance color, brightness, contrast, even voices; apply a variety of filters to enrich your viewing experience. You can make small modifications or get crazy with all the options available to you.


Create your own clips from cartoons, movies, TV shows, etc.
Add effects, capture any frame or movie your want to enrich your collection.


Make a documentary movie.
Produce professional quality black and white video for documentary films. This is a great tool making you presentation more convincing whether it is historical, contemporary, scientific or educational.


Create a photo album of your favorite artists.
Shoot your own video or select your favorite film, or musical video, or any other video; select each frame you wish to make into an image, save it to disk and then put them all together to create a unique photo album.


Record/Mix your own favorite concert moments.
Extract audio tracks from live concert DVDs or any DVD and create personalized audio CDs or MP3s.


Produce your own movies.
Dub your own voices into movies, add effects, and burn to your own movie DVD.


Enjoy funny stuffs right at your PC.
Quickly access the Community's funny corner to enjoy funny sounds, funny ringtones, funny remixes, and more. Enjoy the convenience


Make any actor bcome an alien, ghost, priest and more.
Add audio effects to change the voice of any actor. Change pitch, tone and timbre to make their voice in any way you want.

Video Morpher

Change the screenplay of a movie.
Write your own subtitles and insert them to movies. Now you can make your own translations and subtitles.

Video Morpher

You can remove voices from movies.
Remove the original voices from any movie, and then dub your own voices over. Now you can own a powerful tool to change what the actors or actresses say. Let them act and you speak.

Video Morpher